"Guarantee Americas Future"

The full outline of the  bills I will file if Americans want a secure government.
Help elect James Wright to the U S Congress.


I just started a petition on the White House petitions site,
"We The People."  Will you sign it? Paste in your browser to view.
We must have 25000 signatures by January 15th. 2013   Tell everyone you know.
We petition the obama administration to: accept the Citizens bills to protect petition and to file it with the House and Senate for passage.


The primary source of corruption in government is the power granted to special interests in exchange for perks and money with no regard for the publics campaign process making it even harder for challengers to run competitive races against incumbents. Since we are dealing with corruption at every level of government, including the justice system, our only way we can clean up Washington is by leveling the playing field and restricting influence peddling through Campaign Finance Reform and publicly funded campaigns. Furthermore, to protect this vital act, the voters should maintain that this act not be changed except by fifty one percent of the registered voters by a National Referendum.

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Thank you for your donation and support , now tell others. Remember it is your vote that must be used to protect your future.
Citizens bills to protect Americas future. The full outline.

Bankers and  Mortgage Companies Responsibility Act
This act requires Banks and Mortgage Companies to return 50% of the equity in any home foreclosed. This will give the home owner a new start to re-establish there lives. Banks and mortgage companies have made interests from these loans.

Removal of the Federal Reserve Corporation
Congress must respond to remove this leach that has been around since 1913.  Return our finances to the United States Treasury where it belongs based on silver.   Look up Executive order 11110 that got John F Kennedy killed in Dealy Square in Dallas Texas.

Campaign Finance Reform Act
This act would require equality in all Federal Elections. Due to the fact an incumbent has unfair advantage against any challenger for public office the law must be changed to the following. The same must also be adopted by the states to respect the voters rights. This Campaign Reform Act shall require all candidates that wish to run for office to receive the following should they meet the requirements: Acquiring enough signatures by petition or meet the filing fee for the position they are filing for. This bill will require each candidate that qualifies for the ballot receive, two free mail outs to the voters in the district they are running in  prior to the primary election. Two signs at each ballot box. The Winner of all primary elections will receive the same two mail outs to the  voters. The winners must save the signs provided in the primary. Replacement will not be done. The signs size shall be 18 X 24 inches. No other advertising will be permitted at the Polls. This act would bring equality to our elections.

Financial Responsibility Act
This bill is designed to take back our government from the bankers. This act shall require the Congress of the United States to protect the money system of the United States by passing legislation to remove the Federal Reserve Corporation from the control of America's money. And restoring the United States Treasury to control our money system as it was prior to 1913 when the bankers high jacked our treasury. By enforcement of executive order 11110 of President John F. Kennedy, "Federal Reserve notes would have no value if not exchanged as silver." This requires the United States Treasury to print money drawn against silver. Due to the fact the Federal Reserve Corporation has extorted the American people for billions of dollars in interest on  money printed with no value. To protect the voters right that this law shall not be changed, except by fifty one percent of the registered voters by a national referendum.

Government Finance Act
Click here for the outline to fund the Federal and States governments.

Citizens Rights Protection Act
This bill requires the government to protect the Bill of Rights from change by congress by adding these bills to the Bill of rights.
The only way citizens can protect their rights is to require in the Bill of Rights an amendment which requires a national referendum of 51 % of the registered voters to change their rights. This must become law.

Social Security Preservation Act
The persons who depend on social security must have the protection of this program to live there lives till the die. We the voters must secure this program by our vote and contact to our representatives to let them know someday they themselves may have to depend on it's survival. Since 1933 when Social Security came into being the program has been diverted into many different parts that has drained the true program of parts that could and should be restored. Fraud brought by some persons has effected the program and has not been addressed by the members of congress to come up with a protection system that works. We can not afford to let any Administration privatize Social Security! To prevent the program not having funding and the special interests from further undermining benefits to our citizens we must control our ability to preserve the program. SSI must be required to have annual investigation of receivers. Vote and support Independents November. 2012. Your medicine costs are way to high and with changes in the system, people are forced to give up the basics needed in life just to buy the medications to live. It now costs three times the amount to run Medicare with it now being privatized. And Bush's Republican supporters are getting our money! Social Security is not run in an effective way to preserve it for our future generations. Military costs are another reason congress will not address the facts. Loss of funds for our infrastructure are reduced and we are paying by higher costs. As your representative I will put to Congress an act to preserve Social Security by law. Protected by your vote!! Help support this program!

Balanced Budget Amendment
This bill requires the government to stay within the income of the government. No expenditures above ninety percent of the annual budget is to be used for the operation of the Federal Government, till the Disaster Fund is fully funded. All raises to congress shall be frozen at current levels and no more raises shall be put forth by congress or the President. A representative of the public is an honorable position and shall not be abused for financial gain. No retirement shall apply to the Senate or House, as these positions at the current salaries are too high based on the electorates income. Let them live on Social Security. The remaining ten percent shall constitute a National Emergency Fund for natural disaster relief. Till funded by 20% of the budget. For two years. To protect the voter's rights this law shall not be changed except by fifty one percent of the registered voters in a national referendum.

National Health Care Platform
Under the foundation of this program and the surplus generated by the answers I have put forth we will have enough money to build a responsible care program for all Americans to receive hospital care regardless of income  for all people. Our present system lacks a program that addresses the current negative systems.
Prosecute those who are abusing the system. Remove there licenses and give them jail time.

Federal Emergency Disaster Fund Act
This bill would require the government to reserve 10% of the Federal Budget till this fund is fully funded equal to 20% of the annual Federal Budget. As a fund only to be used for Natural Disaster Relief, only within the United States.

Medicare drug costs protection
The current system does not allow the government to bargain for the costs of drugs used by the public as the Veteran Administration does. This is a windfall profit for the drug companies. This is a payoff to the current politicians now in office. Should we re-elect any of them??? I will put through a bill that gives us the right to cut these costs and stop this from happening again. With an oversight committee.

Department of Peace
To establish a department with the power to review the actions of our government to assure we do not have another Vietnam, Iraq, 911 by breaking our constitution. We must have a review of the Executive Orders of the President as being legal. Your comments are asked for this development.

e mail me:http: //www.billstoprotect.com/james@saveamericasfuture.com

Term limits for congress
This is important that all citizens have the chance to represent the citizens. Two terms for the senate and four terms for the House. PAC money and special interests have corrupted the members of congress and those members have lost touch with the voters who placed them in congress. When the presidency was limited to two terms, we the voters gained. Think what new views will come by replacing those in congress with new blood.

Drug testing for Congress
Americans are required to get tested for some jobs, why not Congress? What makes them any better than you? Stop exempting them from the law.

We as a nation must honor our responsibility to our veterans! They defend our lives.

Now that you have read the full outline, make it happen for our future.

Thank you for your support , now tell others. Remember it is your vote that must be used to protect your future.

Here is what I need you to read over and please tell your friends.  I need your help. I have developed the answers to bring government around to respecting the voters. I have put together a petition with the www.citizensbillstoprotect.com to send to President Obama by January 15th, 2013    Thanks, James
My phone number is 802-323-9037 Call me with any questions.
Please email your friends.
Thanks, James


Email:  wright1776@gmail.com

Copyright, Save Americas Future, James Wright, 2005-2012

12/14/2012 Updated.

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